Betsoft Jumbo Joker Slot Review

Jumbo Joker is a new online slot from Betsoft released in 2017. It has 3 reels with 5 rows and can be played on any device that supports browsers or downloadable smartphone apps for free! You will win $2,000 depending on how high your level is, plus the percentage of wagers you place while playing this game, which makes it a hell of a deal given its 95% RTP rate (meaning there is always a chance for reward).

Game symbols: bells, fruits, treasures and more

Additional Functions

The Jumbo counter will remove treasure chests and add oranges, grapes, or red sevens to the symbol list. The lowest paying symbol is the lemon, which can land you 40 coins, while the watermelon has dual functionality, allowing players to win 100mg and 200mg at 10 units per bet! Prizes vary depending on how much you wager, but remember that bells always pay out at least 2x their original value, while cherries only provide 5x returns.

How to play

Joker slots have two different layouts, which means you won’t be using the typical classic layout. First of all, there are 5 active lines set for both reel sets; players must then try to form melds where they can play the top or bottom set depending on their preferences, as well as win some extra higher stakes coins if applicable by making certain symbols appear in different places on each payline on the corresponding reel – this is because when someone forms these special groups (such as the Golden Bells) and the reward increases even at lower stakes! One advantage I noticed while playing was how great it was to win back the money by betting 10 credits instead of 40 since often 6 outs come up rather than 2 or 0.

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Jumbo Counter is a popular game among gamblers because it offers opportunities for high rollers. In this case, you can wager up to 200 coins on a single spin, and if you’re lucky, the reels will automatically stop 100 times before another bet is required! This option ensures that even novice players have a chance to win big using the minimum stakes – all they need now is a sharp eye. The maximum bet becomes available after activating the autoplay, where there is no top offer, but there is any amount set by the player’s preferences (inclusive).

Additional Functions

The Jumbo Joker bonus feature offers excellent fun and huge rewards. If you hit 3 treasure chests along with sevens, you will receive up to 2,000 coins worth $2,000! However, more importantly, if players combine their red cards during the game, they can get even higher payouts – 1800 per chest.

Additional Functions

You will find the best payouts on the top reel set, so keep an eye on them. You could put more money on these bets if you used to enjoy playing with less risky bets so that they all go to fund spins while you play.

Jumbo Joker for Mobile

Betsoft has designed this slot for your convenience by aligning it across all mobile devices. The fun of running the game is that you can play anywhere with friends and family, whether at a party or in the car, even if it’s taking place outdoors! As long as there is Internet access via a Wi-Fi (or 3G) network connection, at this time, there can be nothing more interesting than betting, enjoying what seems like real cash prizes waiting for those who stay ahead of their competitors.


The thrill of classic three-reel games awaits you in Jumbo Joker. You can withdraw your winnings anytime and manage risk and volatility levels – all for an immersive experience like no other! Betsoft has created this highly customizable slot that offers lifetime opportunities. There’s a lot to explore, including a revamped interface and some very impressive rewards if anyone ventures into it today.