Breakaway Deluxe Slot Review

Microgaming never gets tired of releasing the best online slots. The new Breakaway Deluxe slot is an updated version of their popular hockey-themed gambling game, but with all the same features that made people fall in love in the first place, including an x8 multiplier when you get free spins bonuses! This 5 reel/row machine has 18 paylines for players who want more flexibility in how much they bet per line or spin; start betting from $0.18 up to 44 credits if you like (although there is no minimum).

Game Symbols

Game Symbols

The game bar displays a hockey rink with symbols that define the payline layout. The minimum bet is between 88 and 588 coins, depending on how many lines you want to activate at the same time, which equates to x1-x6.68 per bet!

This game’s logo is a wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols in the main games and the free spin rounds. He can only appear on reels 3 to 5 but does so with the bonus of being super complex! The hockey puck is also known as the scatter in most online slot machines in Europe or North America, depending on what you are playing at any given time; however, no matter where they are, there will always be one thing that sets them apart: their ability to secure huge sums won on three (or more!) landings throughout gameplay, while still being able to make players guess how lucky he is.

How to play

Enter the game portal, and you will realize that this is not just a slot machine. There are 5 rows of reels with multiple active lines, where players must make combinations of symbols on their screen to win coins/points. But what makes it stand out? When someone gets a successful payout, they are also given the option to remove old wins, so as long as there is another prize available, we can give our player multiple consecutive wins.

The wild symbol is a great way to increase your chances of winning if you get a complete set with Growing Wilds. With each spin, it increases by one additional token!

The game has a random Smashing Wild feature that appears in the base game and turns reels 2, 3 or 4 into wilds. This beneficial combination can be achieved in any of these three positions.

You will be able to get 12 free spins with the Multiplier Trail feature every time you win 3, 4, or 5 flaming ice puck scatter symbols. This is a great opportunity for high rollers, as each spin brings 8 times more money!

  • 2x multiplier on first win/roll
  • 3x multiplier for second win/roll
  • Quadruple multiplier on third win/roll
  • 5x multiplier for fourth win/roll
  • 8x multiplier on first win/roll

With the accumulation of 60 free spins, you can get 5 wins for each spin. If you were lucky enough to keep the streak going until losing the fifth game, that means with the 8X multiplier; your payout will be 3181x your total stake!

Special/Bonus Features

The spinning reels of this game will provide you with an endless supply of winning combinations.

A wild card that appears randomly guarantees a win by turning two or more reels into monsters.

Breakway Deluxe is a gambling game where you can win up to 12 free spins if you land three or more scatter symbols on each reel within a single spin. However, these opportunities appear randomly, and without any instructions, so players should be prepared for anything!

Considering the risks in any game is paramount. After reading Risk Analysis and Risk Management you will understand what they are and why they are needed.

The game has a progressive multiplier that starts at x1 and increases up to 8 as you progress through the first few wins, and then up to 16.

Breakaway Deluxe mobile game

The Breakaway Deluxe slot machine is an improved and incredible version of the original. The graphics are amazing even on mobile, making it perfect for you, no matter what type of tech-savvy person or kid at heart.